Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 @ Ginn Prestige Club

ginn 真진 Comes from the Founder's name , Ginnie Pronunciation of the Korean language " gin " [ 진 ] which means “ 真 ” and “ 真 ”means " the truth " in Chinese It carries a metaphor that the creation of our skin care products coming from a purity of our hearts , together with a strong concept and in true spirit . It also highlights how Chinese herbs as ingredients exemplify beautiful skin of the women in Eastern countries .
Ginnskin Study Research Molecule Technology and Patent Ingredient make skin Gentle , Suitable for all skin types , Protection , Moist , Absorption , Nourishment , Anti-allergic , Soft , Provide nutrients and Suitable for pregnancy Women . In Ginnskin product Does Not contain or cause , Hormones , Metallic elements , Artificial flavors , Blocking the skin pores , Skin irritation , Sensation to light and also Greasy feeling .
Ginnie Lam Gai Yin 林紀螢 is a well known In Hong Kong since she was exactly are from Hong Kong , By today she was known as a beauty expert on her own ginn 真진 products . She started at the age of 19 while gets disappointed when she went  to a beauty salon for treatment and used commercially available skin-care products. However , she ended up with severe skinirritation, itching and inflammation of the skin. Deep acne bumps, big pores, pigment and acne scars appeared all over her face . Ginnie wanted to restore her skin back to the normal state and thus attended courses on Skin-care , Beauty , Nutrition , Chinese medicine and natural ingredients that will enhance the skin condition .
Ginnie has successfully improved the lives of many persons with sensitive skin , acne inflammation , hormone imbalance and porous skin . Her “Herbal Magic Gel Mask” , based on a traditional recipe for example is very well received . Is to be well looked after similar to that of the physical body . There needs to be an efficient secretion of wastes , adequate nutrition , good water absorption , clean living environment , smooth breathing and maintaining a normal metabolism rate .
She have a tons of program and title in her entire successfull life like Mrs International Pageant Winner 2014 , Mrs International Pageant Community Ambassador 2016 and much many more . 
" Everyone's physical, skin condition and genes are different.  It also changes during one’s aging process as well as the environmental and physical conditions.  Aging is an unavoidable fact that we all have to face.  When skin problems occur, we will seek ways to address these irritating problems; some will go for facial treatments, take medication or supplements and try different variety of skin care products, which contains extremely high stimulating ingredients. In the process of pushing forthe skin problems to be solved, it weakens the skin at the same timebecoming fragile. The potentially hidden side effects will appear gradually over time, and dermatitis, skin allergy, itchiness; peeling skin might surface "said by Ginnie .
After many testimonials by using Ginn Skin care product on different personality , They stand up and gave their own experience life story by showing before and after . Their life successfully improved and brings up their confidence .
Ginnie also created fans club in Malaysia . By participating as a Ginn Prestige Club , RM1,000 applied for one year membership and receive Ginn Skin Care setthat  worth for RM1,790 . The benefits of Ginnie fans club members , Gets to know latest event that happening and all kinds of beauty activities .

check it out at or Ginnie's FB page .


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