The Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod , Resorts World Genting

Genting Highlands , 14th September 2017 - Adventures of the Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod , a stunning production that has been enthralling , audiences with its sheer pageantry , will soon weave its magic again at Resort World Genting .
The dazzling stage production is a refreshing interpretation of the renowned Monkey King Saga and is bound to thrill with its astounding acrobatics combined with the visual feast created by the 3D special effects used .
The Monkey King is a mythological figure in Journey to the west , one of the most popular classical novels in China . The Adventures of The Monkey King : The Golden Hooped Rod that will run from 11th November 2017 to 1st January 2018 , presents a simple story of good versus evil that will nevertheless still charm its audience . To be held at Genting Highland Showroom , the 65 minute show is scheduled for 9PM daily with additional shows at 4PM and 5PM on selected dates .
This theatrical production that will no doubt remind its viewers about the beauty of live theater and culture , is another example of how the eternal battle between good and evil never gets old as a storyline . Performed by by talents from all over China specializing in acrobatic performances , who are also members of the National Performing Art Troupe : the plot , though predictable , Unfolds in a thrilling manner in this production .
Adapting the story of the Monkey King , the show has played in Nanjing , Culture Arts Centere , Lian Yun Gang Culture Artistic Center , Nanjing Sun Palace and Shanghai Poly Theater since 2016 , receiving tremendous response . This will be their first performance out of China .
The story begins in the event after the Monkey King has claimed the Golden Hooped Rod from the east China Sea . It is discovered that the enemy of the rod , Chi You , has also been released and how intends to destroy it . In order to battle Chi You , the Monkey King and the rod must work together and go through Mana practice , an exercise that enhances one's life energy . The Monkey King manage to master the ability but then the rod reveals its weakness something that Chi You is also aware of .
As it turn out , Chi You manages to lure the rod back to the East Coast Sea and imprison it . This , of course , leads to the ultimate battle between the Monkey King and Chi You .
One part of the production that is breathtakingly beautiful is the opening act called the spirit of Peacock , which symbolizes happiness and auspiciousness . The dance has to be performed according to a fixed pattern and is indeed a sight to behold and a memorable one , just like the rest of the production that takes pride in its world class dance moves and acrobatics .

No Show Date : 13/11,20/11,27/11,04/12 & 18/12
Date : 11 Nov 2017 - 01 Jan 2018
Time : 9pm daily 4pm , 5pm & 8pm
Location : Genting International Showroom

Normal Price
PS1 RM136
PS2 RM96

Genting Rewards Members' Cash / Credit Card Rates
VIP RM158.40
PS1 RM122.40
PS2 RM96.00

Genting Rewards Members' GP Redemption Rates
VIP 158.40GP
PS1 122.40GP
PS2 96.00GP

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