New* Anlene Heart - Plus , Malaysia

Preventing 3 Highs the key to Healthy Heart
ANLENE goes beyond bone health with new formulation that cares for the Heart
Leading adult milk brand anlene and its Ambassador Dato' Sheila Majid jointly calls out to Malaysians to care for their hearts by watching their 3 Highs which are high cholesterol , high blood pressure and high blood sugar . The call was made at the launch of Anlene HEART-PLUS , a new milk powder formulated to care for the heart on the back of worrying Malaysian health statistics .
Zumba make all the crowd move at the event
According to Dr. Chee Kok Han , Professor and cardiology consultant at hospital University Malaya , high cholesterol , high blood pressure and high blood sugar , collectively known as the 3 high , are main risk factors to non communicable diseases , which accounts for an estimated 73% of total deaths in Malaysia . Cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes are the biggest contributor of non communicable diseases .

Sharing heart health tips at the product launch , Dr .Chee alerted : " Nearly one in every two Malaysian adults has high blood cholesterol , nearly one in every three has high blood pressure , one in every six has type 2 diabetes , and nearly one in four heart attack patients are below 50 years old " . "So it is pressing for adults to be more aware of and control their 3 high through their healthy dietary and lifestyle habits to achieve better heart health " .
Karen Ong , Marketing Director of Fonterra Malaysia said understanding consumers healthy living needs has driven the company to innovate the latest heart caring formulation and to initiate campaigns that raise awareness of heart health . " At Fonterra , we're focused on making great dairy products that not only taste good but support the improved health and well being of people . In line with this , our development efforts in recent years has resulted in Anlene moving beyond nutrition for bone . Starting last year , we have included MoveMax in Anlene's formulation to support not just bones , but also the joints and muscles and to hep support ease of movement . This year , our new product Anlene HeartPlus features both MoveMax and HeartMax , which is a combination of nutrients that cares for the heart while supporting movement , " She said .
HeartMax nutrient bundle includes plant sterols , Omega 3 (DHA&EPA) and potassium with the following benefits :

  • Plant sterols helps to reduce cholesrol
  • Potassium is known to help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Some studies have known that Omega 3 fatty acid may help to reduce triglycerides or fats in the blood .  

Additionally , Anlene HeartPlus formulation is tested to be low in glycaemic index . It is important to consume low GI foods to help manage blood sugars in the body . Concurring with Dr.Chee's advice , Karen said while taking the right nutrition is a good start , it must be coupled with regular physical activities to create a lifestyle change that effectively puts Malaysian adults on the path to better heart health .
" That is why Anlene choose to work with a familiar Malaysian name , Dato' Sheila Majid , Malaysia's beloved jazz queen to raise awareness of heart health and healthy living " said Karen . Talking about the two loves in her life , Sheila exclamed " it is not easy to continue to stay active after 32 years in the music industry and to keep up with my family , especially my two school going age and active daughters . To do what I love , I have to stay physically active and eat healthily for my overall health and well being , So I urge Malaysian , young and old to start taking care of their hearts and control the 3 highs . Exercise regularly , eat a balanced diet and drink two glasses of Anlene HEART-PLUS daily and you can continue to do what you love ! " She said .
Dr.Chee agreed with Sheila's approach to healthy living and he added more advice for those who want to stay heart healthy . " To maintain a healthy heart profile , perform an annual health check to monitor your blood cholesterol , blood pressure and blood sugar levels " He said . Maintain a healthy body weight with BMI (body mass index) range between 18.5 and 24.9 and manage your stress . These can be achieved by eating healthy and exercising regularly , which also keeps your 3 highs in check .
Anlene Hear-Plus is now available at major retail outlets nationwide . For more information about Anlene Heart-Plus and ways to stay heart healthy , o to Anlene's Malaysia Facebook at and its website at .


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