My Pets Carnival 2017 , Malaysia

My Pets Carnival 2017 is the platform for pets to raise awareness for not only to the owners but also to the public as well as to encourage us to be a pet lover . Where activities are provided to have more pampering time to all the pets and pet owners . The three days Carnival will be happening from 29 Sep 2017 to 1st October 2017 that located at One central Park , One Utama . My Pets Carnival was organized by 1 Tiara Production Sdn Bhd to represent the fun activities that involve all the celebrities and Pet lovers .
Among the ambassador My Pets Carnival 2017 is two Actor celebrities Mr. Hafiz Bahari and Mr. Johnson Law . And also Petite Beauty Queen Miss Subashini Ravichandreni . My Pets Carnival 2017 are sponsored by Taro Chats , Pets Lover Centre , 88 Pets Mart Philosophy Hijau and Baddogz Jin Studio .
Exciting activities will take place at My Pets Carnival 2017 including :

-The 70 Meters x 6 Meters Water Slide , Slide with your pet .
Beyond the conservative types of pet show in across Klang Valley, pet owners will be enjoying a massive 70-meter long and 6-meter wide of water slide. Considering the workload and cost involved in such construction, this will be the first in Malaysia among common pet shows; intended to introduce an innovative, adventurous and tremendous fun for furry kids and their owners, under a safe and controlled environment. The sliding lane and landing spot for cats and dogs will be separated. Why such an effort? We know for sure that every pet occupies a special place in their owner’s heart, and thus we believe that they deserve the best.

Dress Up Your Pets - Pets Cosplay, Pets with stroller, Pets in Strollers or your kids with your pets! Anything creative that you can think of! YOLO for you POLO for your pets - Pets only live once .

Best Dressed Pets will be chosen for the Runway. Catwalking with the beauty queens / winners of Miss Malaysia Petite SpokesPerson 2017 and Miss Malaysia Petite Universal 2016.

A separate poo l, only caters for cats and their owners. Cat Life jacket is available upon request . Jump to the dog pool and sail like a boat, you know you are gifted! Life jacket is available for beginner dogs. This area is barricaded for dogs and owners only.

Family Camping included you, kids and pets. Owners are advised to supervise your pets at all time. Only small pets is allowed . Swing like a boss, yes you and your pets. Unlimited rides for 3 days .

Get yourself entertain with the professional magician . For kids in between 3-6 years old .

It's not about hope, it's about dream come true. Pets is always human best friends!

For children in between 7-12 years old . For you and your kids .

Beside from The Activities , There also have Food Stalls , Food Trucks , Accessories , Men & Women Clothes , Fresh Market and Pets Products .

My Pets Carnival Team
Email :
Contact : +6010-8997106
Official Website: (for more details)
Official Facebook:


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