Ayamas Launch the All New Pastes and Sauce , Malaysia

Turn your meals into flavour-filled experiences with ayamas kitchen's range of pastes and sauce .

Petaling Jaya , 19th August 2017 - Offering "More Than Just Kitchen" , Kedai Ayamas has recently launched its range of cooking pastes and sauce through its shelf product 'Ayamas Kitchen' . Now you can transform your normal chicken meal into a variety of malay dishes , from the rich and traditional Rendang to the mouthwatering kurma as well as the delicious masak Merah .
The pastes are conveniently packed with blends of authentic Malay spices . With the tagline "Quick , easy and delicious" , Ayamas Kitchen's paste makes it easier to re-create traditional food at home , eliminating the stress out of cooking while offering the authentic flavours of Malay cuisine .
The pastes are " sauce concentrates " that can be mixed with water , stock or coconut milk , chopped onions , potatoes or chopped tomatoes to create a delicious gravy for chicken , meat and even seafood dishes in less than 30 minutes . In addition to the pastes , Ayamas Kitchen also introduces its very own chicken stock powder to enhance the natural flavor of your dish .
Live cooking Demonstration by one of the Ayamas Crew . They prepared Half fried chicken , Cooking oil , tomatoes , Red & White Onions , parsley leaves and One Packet of Masak Merah Pastes .
 Leave it  cooks for 15 minutes
Add on White Onions and Tomatoes then stir for 5 minutes 
Tadaaa !! , One dish done in 25 minutes Only
 Ayam Masak Merah
Ayam Rendang
Ayam Kurma
Finally , we have the chances to try out all the three flavor that been served . The taste is almost similar what we had out there but One thing is every single dishes only used 25 minute to prepared . It was really convenience for person like me that busy all the time but wanted to eat something delicious like this !

Ayamas Kitchen Pastes are sold at RM2.80 per packet (100g) and is available now at all kedai Ayamas outlets .

For more Detail about Kedai Ayamas , visit www.kedaiayamas.my or logon to Kedai Ayamas - Ayamas Roasters Facebook Page .

About Kedai Ayamas
Kedai Ayamas is the first company in Malaysia to introduce the sales of chicken and chicken-based products through a network of company-owned, air-conditioned stores - chicken boutiques. (Traditionally, live birds were slaughtered and sold only in 'wet' markets). Kedai Ayamas chain markets HALAL, high quality branded chicken that is hygienically processed and packed in the Company's own plants. In addition to its chilled chicken products and value-added further processed poultry products, the Kedai Ayamas retail chain was the first in the country to offer a delicious array of chicken roasters and light chicken-based snacks. One can easily purchase nutritious and tasty, ready-to-eat food for convenient takeaway, ready-to-cook frozen products, fresh chilled chicken and sundry products ranging from special sauces to confectionery and beverages.The first convenience store was opened at Seapark on 29 April 1988. Today, it has 48 stores nationwide. This is basically a store with a ratio of 30:70 in terms of retailing chicken meat versus sundry goods that complement chicken product. Each year, more and more outlets are added to the chain; and these are styled to place greater emphasis on the sale of high-margin ready-to-eat gourmet chicken products.

About QSR Brands
QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd acquired the businesses of  KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd . QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd dominates Malaysia’s rapidly expanding retail food industry. Headquartered in Petaling Jaya of Selangor, Malaysia, the company operates the following:
Over 450 Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore
Over 750 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Cambodia.
In addition, to support our core activities, we are extensively involved in poultry production and processing, as well as a host of ancillary business such as baking and sauce production. This makes us Malaysia’s first and only fully-integrated food operator.We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and exceptional service, and we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the calibre of all our brands. QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries guarantee full halal compliance to customers in all of the group’s markets. Every aspect of the food manufacturing process follows strict controls and accepts only certificates recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and strictly adheres to MS1500:2009. With more than 30,000 staff in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Cambodia, the company is one of the biggest employers in its sector.


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