MBO The Starling Grand Launch , Malaysia

MBO Cinemas launches their flagship cinema MBO Starling in true cinematic fashion with an all exclusive red carpet movie premiere .

Petaling Jaya , 11th July 2017 - With 27 cinemas nationwide and still counting , Today MBO Cinemas took to the stars for the launch of their flagship outlet at MBO The Starling Mall , which is set to reinvent the Malaysian cinematic industry . A star studded “MBO Stellar Night” welcomed hundreds of exclusively invited members of the Malaysian entertainment industry and flocked to The Starling Mall @ Uptown for the movie premiere of “War for the Planet of the Apes” , and parties that featured celebrity deejays , DJ Tiana , Pat K and Joey G .  
Chief Executive Officer of MBO, Mr. Lim Eng Hee , who officiated the launch , spoke of his inspiration behind the new MBO , saying, “ We built MBO Starling with the intention of changing how the cinematic industry was presented to the consumers and we wanted to create a cinema that could provide a more immersive , and a more holistic experience compared to what has been presented to the consumers in the same way for the last decade .”
Celebrities and stars from each facet of the entertainment industry like Qi Razali , Sharifah Armani , Megan Tan , Remy Ishak , Siti Saleha and Adrian Teh , joined in on the celebration enjoying the performances that were lined up for them . For the night , the MBO Starling cinema hall itself was converted into a club-like atmosphere where invited guests could let their hair down , before being ushered into the Big Screen and Premier movie halls for the movie premiere of the “War for the Planet of the Apes .”
What MBO has presented definitely changes the game . It is innovative and new catering to each and every segment of the demographics , a lot of thought and effort has been put into the planning of the MBO cinemas to ensure they are able to cater to the varying needs of their consumers, aside from the Big Screen and Premiere movie halls , MBO has also created MBO Kecil , a cinema hall dedicated to young children and MX4D , an immersive cinema hall where moviegoers not only get to watch the movie but get to be a part of the movie thanks to the built in motion and effects which are synced to the on screen actions.

MBO Cinemas are available at 27 locations nationwide, please log on to: http://www.mbocinemas.com for more information on how you too can enjoy the MBO Cinema experience.

About MBO Cinemas
MBO Cinemas has steadily grown to become a leading name in the cinema industry since it first opened its doors to Malaysians in 2005. Now one of the top of mind cinema chains in the nation, MBO shows no signs of slowing down as it plans to open up an additional 3 new locations and 25 screens by 2017, totalling to 30 locations and 232 screens. MBO strives to be Malaysia’s most loved cinema by providing edgy, fun and innovative experiences, combined with friendly neighbourhood customer service.
MBO Cinemas is also proud of its Starclub loyalty program, as of mid 2017, the membership counts stood at 1.35 million Allstar members.
For more information about MBO Cinemas, please visit http://www.mbocinemas.com/


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