Dettol Deep Cleanse , Malaysia

Going Deep With Skin Health
Dettol new range cleanses deep into pores for skin protection

Kuala Lumpur , 12 July 2017 - When it comes to their children's wellbeing , mothers leave nothing up to chance . They will do their best to protect their beloved families , especially in maintaining skin health . Now it's even easier with the latest innovation from Dettol . As a trusted germ protection brand for families around the world , Dettol launched its latest variant to provide skin protection by cleaning deep into the pores .
"We live in this environment that exposes our skin to dirt , dust , grime , sweat , pollution as well as evolving germs which may lead to potential skin problems . Thus , Dettol's latest innovation contains exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells for deep cleansing which promotes skin health , " said Kim Min Young , category Marketing Manager of RB Malaysia and Singapore in her speech during the launch . Realizing that mothers are concerned about their children's skin health , Dettol's newest product innovation provides not only germ protection but also skin benefits .
"As an award winning brand , Dettol has an illustrious track record in protecting families against everyday germs . It is no surprise that mothers all over the world trust our wide range of anti bacterial products for their families' hygiene . To live up this trust , we persistently innovate to better serve changing consumer needs" Shared Kim . The result it a refreshingly fragrant formula that cleanses deep into skin pores for better bathing experience .
Available in both boday wash and bar soap , the Dettol Deep Cleanse range contains 100% natural apricot micro scrubbing beads for satisfyong exfoliation of dead skin cells , Leaving complexion bright and renewed . As the formula removes grime , pollutants and germs thoroughly from skin , families will also enjoy its lasting fruity fragrance . Dermatologists agree that focusing on skin health goes a long way in enhancing an individual's confidence and maintaining the entire family's wellbeing .
"With pollutants and bacteria in our environment , mothers should encourage deep cleansing among their family members , to reduce the chances of skin irritations . The removal of dead skin cells via exfoliation also enhances the clarity of complexion and skin health , " explained Dr. Abrizah Ousman , Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician who also at the product launch . Nana Mahazan , a celebrity that relies on Dettol Deep Cleanse for herself and her family's skin health . After a long day at work , she looks forward to stepping into a hot shower to cleanse and exfoliate with the rich , sweet smelling formula . Her skin instantly feels cleaner and her senses awakened .
The TV host and mother of 2 prioritises on the wellbeing and health of her husband , Raqeem Brian and two children , Aaqib and Althea . She knows that Dettol Deep Cleanse can help her to keep the family thoroughly clean and protected with healthy skin . The body wash also keeps Nana's skin in tip top condition , allowing her to look presentable in front of the camera . " I work in different locations , which increases my exposure to germs . I'm always keen to exfoliate to get rid of the day's dirt and grime , but I'm concerned about scrubs that are too coarse for daily use . Imagine my happiness when discovering that Dettol Deep Cleanse does the job well while gentle on my skin , I can now scrub worry free ," explained Nana .
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Skin deep cleansing is also important to those who are in their teens , associated with many biological changes that they face . Teen's skin often turns sensitive and keeping their skin in best condition comes as a challenge . Teenage social media celebrity Nur Aisyah binti Mohd Razip , better known as Cupcake Aisyah , has rave reviews about Dettol Deep Cleanse . Shw loves the outdoors , but is aware that her body is exposed to bacteria and other skin irritants .
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" Mu mum is especially worried about my skin health , always reminding me to take good care of it . I do agree with her . I'm at a stage when i want to make the most of everyday to improve myself , whether it is physically , emotionally and socially . Having irritated skin would affect my physical health and be hard on my self esteem , " said the cheerful 17 year old . " The 100% natural apricot micro scrubbing beads cleanse my body thoroughly and remove the germs , keeping me hygienic and smelling delicious even after an active day out " she related . Better skin health protection is now accessible to everyone . The Dettol Deep Cleanse body wash in available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets . The size choices include 225ml at RM6.90 and 850ml at RM20.25 . The 800ml refill pack is priced at RM15.67 . Alternatively , the Dettol Deep Cleanse Bar soap retails at RM10.45 for 105g(comes in packs of 3+1)


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