F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017 , Malaysia

Subang Jaya , 20th May 2017 - F&N is a group of companies operating primarily in the Southeast Asia region since 1883 . It is part of the TCC/Thai Bev group and is currently involved in soft drinks , dairies , foods and publications . In Malaysia , F&N has a strong grip in the dairies segment and offering condensed milk and UHT milk as its primary components , while for the mid to high segment there are more sterilised and pasturised milk .

MALAYSIANS loves teh tarik so much . Be it a family gathering or just a casual get-together, a cuppa is a must . Whether you’re watching a football game while cheering on your favourite team or simply chilling at home . one thing’s for sure these moments would not be complete without a glass of your favourite teh tarik . A real good teh tarik has the right blend of tea , F&N condensed milk &  Evaporated Creamer or sugar if necessary . If it’s from your friendly neighbourhood mamak restaurant it also gets a good head of foam from being poured from mug to mug several times before being served . Lose any one of these main ingredients , you can’t enjoy the delicious taste of a truly Malaysian beverage .

F&N introduced it's Hang Tarik F&N campaign to Malaysians by sharing the best way of making a perfect Teh Tarik ORI during this Hari raya for the perfected art of Teh Tarik making . Radhi Khalid , the well known Comedian actor that famed in Spanar Jaya and other top film shows up as F&N Teh Tarik Mega ambassador . Khalid act in "F&N Raya dengan Hang Tarik" video As Hang Tarik F&N and  Kairulnizam Kairulnizam how to make the perfect Teh Tarik ORI .
photo credit to Isaac Tan 
Radhi Khalid also appeared at the Mydin USJ main event and performed the skills of Teh Tarik infront of the gueat that attended .
On the event day , Members of the media and shoppers get to watch Hang Tarik  experts performances . All the Unique Tarik demonstrated move was stunning and shows our heritage of Malaysian culture too .
Shoppers and Media Get chance to participate in Hang Tarik games and wins Cash , there have a minimum Tarik skills needed to join the game because you need to Tarik the teh while walking with some obstacles or some objects between your leg and On top the head . Anyway congratulation to the winner .
According to research done by F&N Dairies, Malaysians consume 13.5 million mugs of their Malaysian favourites teh tarik every day and the company believes it can grow with the market at an average of 6% to 7% a year . lifestyles among working urban consumers would result in increasing demand for tea, mainly due to the trend of people increasingly consuming tea after a meal, as well as opting for tea as a product to help them through their busy day. 

For more information on F&N  Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk, please visit http://fnbm.com.my/


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