Thermomix Malaysia showcases the Future of Cooking

Thermomix, a multifunctional kitchen appliance, that has delighted millions of homes around the world for over half a century, is now officially in Malaysia. Consumers can experience Thermomix by simply booking a cooking demonstration via its website or hotline . With its innovative Recipe Chips, touchscreen and unique Guided Cooking function, the Thermomix makes food preparation and cooking even easier. Everyone can cook with their fingertips . It’s latest model, the Thermomix TM5, continue to redefine cooking by going digital . “Thermomix is revolutionalising cooking in the kitchen with technology” said JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia. “The introduction of the innovative Recipe Chip which stores hundreds of recipes full colour touchscreen controls and the Guided Cooking function, represents the future of cooking . With the cooking process made simpler, Thermomix will enable all families to cook effortlessly. “Today, we are also very pleased to show everyone how 6 traditional Chinese dishes nay be prepared under 30 minutes effortlessly in what we called the future way of cooking,” added JC Lim . 


Everyone can cook with the Thermomix . The touchscreen and single selector dial allows the Thermomix to be operated intuitively. Upsized with larger capacity, the Thermomix can provide tasty meals for everyone – whether it’s for one or a large family . The Thermomix has the ability to stir mix, blend and chop but also cook , steam , weigh , grind , knead , whisk, simmer and emulsify. An all-rounder that combines the functions of many appliances in one, it is everyone’s perfect kitchen helper.


The timer, temperature and speed controls guarantees consistent good results everytime you cook. With over 7 million users and100k+ recipes, the Thermomix, a one bowl, one knife, over 12- functions smart kitchen appliance, has brought to life thousands of tasty cooking and baking ideas.


The Thermomix Recipe Chips are digital cookbooks. Once attached to the Thermomix, all of the recipes on a Recipe Chip are shown on the Thermomix’s display. Using the touchscreen,Thermomix users can easily browse through the recipes to find ideas and inspiration. The Thermomix Guided Cooking feature anticipates each cooking step ahead, making cooking so easy and effortless – even for people with no culinary experience.


The Thermomix TM5’s new touch display, locking system, Recipe Chips, Guided Cooking and many other features are thoughtfully designed to improve the cooking experience.


Every Thermomix comes with the personal support from a Thermomix Advisor, who will remain a personal contact for service and support for the entire lifetime the Thermomix is in use. At the start, this means offering customers personal demonstrations and tutorials right in the kitchen. Cooking classes are also available, where beginners can explore other tasty recipes with the experts.

The Vorwerk Thermomix is available for RM6,488 (w/GST).

Together with the Thermomix, the package includes:
- The official Thermomix Basic Cook Book with 175 recipes
-The Recipe Chip of Thermomix Basic Cook Book for guided-cooking of the 175 recipes
-Free Thermomix e-newsletters
-Personal Thermomix support through a dedicated network of Thermomix Advisors who are also Thermomix customers and super users

The long anticipated cook book in both English and Chinese language on Southeast Asian influenced Chinese cooking is finally shipping. “This book, a collaboration between Olivia Tan and Thermomix Malaysia will continue to delight Thermomix fans around the world, to develop a deeper appreciation of Straits Chinese style cooking which is uniquely flavourful due to the pervasive use of spices and ingredients from the region.” JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia .

“These are my family’s favourite dishes - a compilation of rich and authentic heritage Straits Peranakan influenced Chinese recipes. I have included a section that introduces key ingredients crucial to recreate the same tastes with the Thermomix.” says Olivia, who is of Chinese Hakka and Malaysian Nyonya descent. Cooking is a lifelong passion that first developed when Oliva was only nine, when she discovered her love for food, and started cooking and baking at home. Once she won her first cooking competition at eleven, there was no turning back. Over the years, Olivia never stop cooking and learning. She studies the different styles of cooking from different cultures, to perfect her cooking techniques, and the use of different ingredients to effect positive impacts on health and wellbeing .

Title: Cook with Olivia Chinese Flavours
Published By: Thermomix Malaysia | True Mix Sdn. Bhd.
Price: RM150
Point of Purchase:

Olivia holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business, and a Certificate of Health, Diet & Nutrition from the UK. “Cooking a well balanced meal for my family is important. I also strongly believe that growing children should be given homemade, unprocessed and preservative-free foods.” added Olivia .

Today we had been invited to this priceless event and had the chance to cook with Oliva , She showed us how easy and effortless it is to cook eight dishes in 40 minutes with the Thermomix . and the foods was totally delicious that cooks by Thermomix , no messy kitchen . an awesome stuff that need to be in your Kitchen .


  • Dimensions : Height = 34.1 cm, width = 32.6 cm, depth = 32.6 cm
  • Weight : 7.95 kg
  • Material : High-quality food grade and stainless steel materials
  • Motor : Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor 500 W rated power, speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,700 revolutions per minute (gentle stir 40 rpm), special speed settings for dough preparation and stirring without chopping
  • Knife : Four blades, maintenance-free sharpened stainless steel
  • Mixing bowl : 2.2-litre stainless steel mixing bowl, heating system and temperature sensor integrated
  • Personal Service : More than 3000 Thermomix Malaysia Advisors serve as personal local contact to ensure 1-to- 1 personal support service, cooking advice and access to Thermomix cooking classes and events
  • Where to Buy to book a cooking show OR call 603-78049326 / contact
  • Price : RM6,488 (inclusive GST) including “The Basic Cookbook” and corresponding Recipe Chip, free email newsletters and a personal Thermomix suppor


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