The Garmin Fenix 5 Launh in Malaysia

Garmin Unleashes Its Brand New fēnix® 5 Series –  A Range of Multisport GPS Watches for Fitness, Adventure and Style

Kuala Lumpur, 29 March 2017 – The best running watch or GPS sports watch is a personal choice, and increasingly depends on the amount of detail you want from your workouts. Beyond just simple pace and distance information, the latest watches will feed  back  everything  from  heart rate  data to detailed  observations  of  your  running style. In short, GPS watches have become an essential tool in the runner's arsenal.  Garmin,  a  major  player  in  wearable  technology  with  its  comprehensive  line-up  of fitness and outdoor GPS watches, today unleashed to members of the media at Mid Valley Megamall, the fēnix 5®; a new range of rugged and compact multisport GPS watches designed and created for adventurers, athletes, sport enthusiasts, and people who  take  performance  seriously.  A  momentous  evolution  from  its  acclaimed predecessor, the fēnix 3; the fēnix 5 series comprises five (5) distinct models – fēnix 5, fēnix 5 Sapphire, fēnix 5S, fēnix 5S Sapphire, and fēnix 5X .

With size variations as its core attribute, the multiple models of the fēnix 5 series were crafted  in varying sizes  to fit  every wrist and  every workout.  Across  the  board,  the rugged design of the fēnix 5  series features stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case; making them robust and visually attractive no matter the occasion. Each version offers a variety of stainless steel finishes, QuickFit™ watch band combinations, and a fistful of premium features; all set to give users the look, performance and lightweight comfort to match both their aesthetic and athletic interests .

sun light is less obstructive, as transflective technology allows light to be reflected and transmitted accordingly.  Common to all Garmin watches, the fēnix 5 includes Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology which gives users around the clock heart rate monitoring, without the need of a chest strap. In addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep, the watch uses heart rate to provide calories burned information, and quantify the intensity of the user’s fitness activities.  Providing accurate and frequent performance stats is at the core of what the fēnix 5 series  can  offer.  Each  model  is  packed with  sophisticated  training features  to  help monitor form and performance. Enhanced readouts for Training Status and Training Effect show aerobic and anaerobic benefits of a user’s workout  – providing results that  users  can  compare  with  their  peers.  The  VO2  max  estimator,  which  is  a measurement of the maximum volume of oxygen (in millilitres) a person can consume per minute per kilogram of body weight during maximum performance, crunches data, including running speed, beats per minute and heart rate variability, to estimate the maximum  volume of  oxygen  consumable  per  minute.  Other fitness  metrics  include recovery advisor with a recovery timer and recovery check, as well as a race predictor that estimates ideal finish time based on current VO2 max number.  There’s also an option to pair the fēnix 5 with a compatible heart rate chest strap such as the Garmin HRM-Run™. This added feature provides metrics on vertical oscillation and  ratio  –  the  degree  of 'bounce'  in  running motion  and the  benefit  ratio to  stride length;  ground  contact  time  and  balance  which  shows  how  much  time,  in  running motion, the  foot  is  on  the ground  rather  than  in flight; and  stress score,  which  is  a 
measurement of the heart rate variability while standing still, for 3 minutes, to provide an  estimated  stress  level  scaled  from  1  to  100,  with  lower  scores  indicating  lower stress levels.  To enhance and improve running performance using the HRM-Run™, Garmin training features tap into extended physiological metrics and advanced running dynamics. The features include performance condition, where after a 6-20 minutes run, the fēnix 5 compares  a  user’s  real-time  condition  to  his  or  her  average  fitness  levels;  lactate threshold, where the fēnix 5 estimates the point where muscles start to rapidly fatigue through analysis of pace and heart rate; cadence – number of steps per minute; and stride length.  The  watches  are  not  deemed  multisport  for  nothing.  Besides  allowing  users  to  go further  with  running  and  hiking  data,  the  fēnix  5  series  comes  preloaded  with  full multisport  toolset for  swimming,  skiing, golfing,  paddle  sports  and  many  more.  For swimmers, the device tracks distance, pace, stroke count and more. Ski / Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter (with Auto Pause for the lift line). The feature set for paddle sports includes stroke count, stroke rate and even distance per stroke. Golf mode gives user yardage to the front, back and middle of  the  green  for  any  single  course  downloaded  from  Garmin  Connect,  and  adds enhancements  such  as  stat  tracking,  Green  View,  AutoShot  detection  and  auto measure.  Staying  true  to  its  prowess  in  satellite  navigation,  Garmin  gears  the  fēnix  5  with advanced GPS and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite reception to  support  users  with  sufficient  information  for  their tracking  experience.  Taking  on challenging and uncommonly explored environments is now made more ratifying as with both receptions working together, great amount of coverage and more accurate tracking experience are ensured. All of the fēnix 5 models have a barometric altimeter, 3-axis  compass,  and gyroscope  for  measuring  altitude  and movement.  The  built-in altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass helps maintain user’s bearing. 

In addition, there’s an internal gyroscope to help improve position accuracy (and  battery life) in UltraTrac™ mode (power saver feature).  In signifying fashion suitability, the fēnix 5 includes QuickFit™ interchangeable bands; allowing  users  to  switch  from  workout  mode,  to  work mode,  to  leisure  mode  in  an instant,  all  without  breaking  stride.  Be  it  whilst  working  out  at  the  gym,  scaling  a mountain, commuting to work, or having dinner at a function, users can mix and match styles with any activity amongst a collection of silicone, premium leather, and metal bands. Whatever the occasion, the fēnix 5 has it covered.  Built to withstand elements, each of the new fēnix 5 models is water rated to 100 meter. Depending  on  settings,  the  fēnix  5  can  get  up  to  two  (2)  weeks  of  battery  life  in smartwatch mode and twenty-four (24) hours in GPS mode. The fēnix 5X can get up to twelve (12) days of battery life in smartwatch mode and twenty (20) hours in GPS mode, while the fēnix 5S can last up to nine (9) days in smartwatch mode and up to thirteen (14) hours in GPS mode. To extend battery life even more, users can opt for the UltraTrac™ power saver mode.

To keep users connected, the fēnix 5 also features smart notifications. When paired with a compatible smartphone, users can receive emails, texts and alerts right on the watches. Sapphire models are Wi-fi® Enabled – allowing users to connect their watch to  their  home  network  for  automatic  uploads  to  Garmin  Connect  online  fitness community. Other connected features include live tracking and social media sharing through  Garmin  Connect  and  Garmin  Connect™  mobile  applications.  The  fēnix  5 series watches can also be customisable with free downloads from Garmin Connect IQ store, and is compatible with the Face It app.  The fēnix 5 has also been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honouree in the wearable technologies category. Products entered in this prestigious programme were judged  by  a  preeminent  panel  of  independent  industrial  designers,  independent engineers,  and  members  of  the  trade  media  in  honouring  outstanding  design  and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across twenty-eight (28) categories.  Both the fēnix 5 and fēnix 5S will retail at RM 2,899.00, while the fēnix 5 Sapphire and fēnix 5S Sapphire will retail at RM 3,149.00. The fēnix 5X, which will be available in April 2017, will have a suggested retail price of RM 3,399.00. The fēnix 5 range and other Garmin products are sold at Garmin's headquarters (AECO Technologies), 43, Jalan Jejaka 2, Taman Maluri, Cheras; and concept stores around Malaysia, namely Mid Valley Megamall, Digital Mall Petaling Jaya, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Taman Lagenda  –  Melaka,  Juru  Autocity  –  Penang,  Bukit  Indah  –  Johor,  and  Kuantan  – Pahang. For more information about Garmin Malaysia and its range of offerings, visit .

About Garmin Garmin  is  a  pioneering  expert  in  Global  Positioning  System  (GPS)  technology development, and a leading worldwide provider of navigation technologies. Serving five  (5)  primary  business  units;  namely  automotive,  aviation,  fitness,  marine,  and outdoor recreation; Garmin has been actively adapting its GPS technology in a variety of handheld and wearable units for a range of users. Its product line has proliferated into 50 different items marketed through a network of 2,500 dealers, distributors, and partners in 100 countries around the world .


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