Sparkling Ribena® with BeMe Campaig , Malaysia

(Left to Right) Lee Hon Tong, Regional General Manager for Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, SBFM, Elizabeth Tan, Sparkling Ribena® Ambassador and Rodney Tan, Head of Marketing, Suntory Beverage and Food Malaysia officiating the launch of the Sparkling Ribena® BeMe Campaign .

Petaling Jaya, 14 March 2017 – Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SBFM) is calling all Malaysians to try out their new Sparkling Ribena® BeMe Campaign launched today .  Popular local singer-songwriter Elizabeth Tan was also introduced as the new Sparkling Ribena® Ambassador at the event , where she performed the Sparkling Ribena® BeMe Campaign official song . 

Through the  Sparkling Ribena®  BeMe  Campaign , we want to encourage Malaysians to simply pause for a while in our hectic schedules and just enjoy our  BeMe moment , when we are our carefree natural selves .  As a brand that has been around for more than 75 years , we feel fortunate that Ribena® has been able to stay true to its identity , spreading the natural goodness of blackcurrants all around the world , so being true to yourself is important to us , ” said Lee Hon Tong , Regional General Manager for Malaysia , Singapore and Hong Kong , SBFM .

The   Ribena®  brand is close to the hearts of many Malaysians, being a part of our childhood , and inspiring great memories . Likewise , the Sparkling Ribena® range is a new way of enjoying the unforgettable taste of Ribena® . With its light sparkle reflecting the fun and light-hearted moments in life, Sparkling Ribena® is the perfect companion for all our BeMe moments .

Sparkling Ribena® Ambassado r, Elizabeth Tan showcasing the three flavours of Sparkling Ribena® .
We chose Elizabeth Tan to be our new Sparkling Ribena® Ambassador as she captures the BeMe spirit of being her true self . With the help of Elizabeth , who had her big break on YouTube through a BeMe moment when she expressed herself in a song , we want more Malaysians to grab their own BeMe moments ,” added Lee .

Newly appointed Sparkling Ribena® Ambassador Elizabeth Tan also shared her  BeMe moments at the event , recounting her experiences as a performer . “When I first started out as a YouTube artiste , I just wanted to share my passion for music with everyone online . I do believe the joy of embracing your BeMe moment is priceless . Over the years , I have always believed that I express myself best in song by staying true to myself, and my big break came as a result of embracing my very own musical style . So , the Sparkling Ribena®  BeMe Campaign’s call for Malaysians to embrace and celebrate our true selves really resonates with me . I hope other Malaysians will also find great fulfillment through their own  BeMe moments . I enjoyed the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena® growing up , and today , the lightly sparkling and delicious Sparkling Ribena® brings back fond memories of my childhood ,” she said .

At the launch, Elizabeth also created her original Sparkling Lizzy , a mixture of Sparkling Ribena® Blackcurrant , a tablespoon of lime juice , two pieces of asam boi and fresh mint leaves inspired by her passion for music and her active lifestyle . As part of the Sparkling Ribena® BeMe Campaign , a combination van will be cruising around the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to encourage Malaysians to unleash their inner personalities . Elizabeth will also be sharing some of her many BeMe moments online and will be appearing in 3 Sparkling Ribena® videos , which will go live by the end of March 2017. More activities are in the pipeline , so do keep a lookout for new announcements ! See the videos and find out more about the campaign on the Ribena® Malaysia Facebook page at . The Sparkling Ribena® can is currently retailing at a recommended price of RM2.20 and is available at hypermarkets , supermarkets , mini markets and convenience stores/kiosks nationwide .


About Ribena®
Ribena® was created by Dr Vernon Charley in 1938 , its name is derived from the botanical name of blackcurrants – Ribes Nigrum . In 1955, Ribena® made its way to Malaysian shore sand soon became a firm favourite of Malaysian kids and adults and retains top-of-mind awareness among Malaysian consumers . Made with blackcurrants sourced from farms in New Zealand for their deep purple colour , Ribena® is known for its natural goodness and delicious flavour , made without artificial colour or flavour . Ribena® is available as a cordial and in ready-to-drink format .  About Suntory Beverage & Food Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd (SBF) is a leading global soft drink company , headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange , with an integrated platform across five key  regions :  Japan, Europe,  Oceania,  Southeast Asia  and  the Americas .  SBF  has  an extensive line-up of products and in 2012 was the number four supplier of soft drinks globally and second in Japan . SBF’s vision is to be the leading global soft drink company recognized for its premium and unique brands .


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