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Before I explain about Kiple , Kindly Download KIPLE App and after sign in , key in my Referral Code "Eddyhugs" . It will be much more easy to show you how it's work step by step when KIPLE is on your hand .   

Why key in my Referral Code ?
Gets some small Surprise after key in , then you will know .

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Why I Highly Recommend KIPLE ?
I been blogger for so long , for surely I will met many new apps launching in Malaysia Markets even attended for all the apps launching as well . almost all doing the same concept , Discount here and there or Purchase at this price while worth that price - So boring right ?? . The sad part is some of the apps not long lasting  or not much in action(active) and some even might has condem .          

Why Choose KIPLE ?
One Word that I can subscribe them(Kiplesquad) is "Hard Working Team" , They just started last year September and was growing fast on first Quarter of 2017 . Incredibly spreading wide and fast by bringing in much more merchant in for consumers , a potential apps to use .

Benefits by using KIPLE ?
1. Cardless and Cashless , So You can keep your wallet at home and enjoy coffee or Dining where KIPLE Merchant Available .
2. 10% cashback rebate , 5% in StoreValue and 5% in Kiplekash .
3 . Mobile prepaid top up With KIPLE AND GET 10% cashback .
4 .Get access to 30% off deals
5. Snap up promos that are FREE to redeem
6. Enhance your shop & dine experience with digital innovations

7. Trusted Bank Negara Malaysia regulated e-payment partner and secure 6-digit pin with fingerprint option

Click Here To find Out more About KIPLE : Who is Kiple?

Recently I pay a visit at A PIE THING in Damansara Uptown to Grab a coffee drink and found out that I forget to bring out my wallet that left at home , there was only my smartphone in my pocket . KIPLE is really convenience that can search your nearby Merchant to dine or cafe coffee to grab , That's make my day  because I still can enjoy what I want without Cash . Scan the Barcode On this cute orange KIPLE merchant to do the payment .

Before Entering any restaurant/Cafe or others KIPLE Merchant shop that can pay by KIPLE , You can search nearby in the KIPLE APP and see either any of this shop accept KIPLE or not . If you would like to eat any one of the shop without searching in the APP , look out for KIPLE sticker at the counter or entrance at the shop .

Beside than paying shop Merchant that I dine , PAY BILLS (top left) ability allows you to pay your utility bills such as Astro, TM, TNB etc directly from the app and also MOBILE RELOAD (top right) allows you to top up mobile prepaid accounts using cash , Kiplekash or a combination of both . There will be no cashback for bill payment but cash back on 10%* of the mobile reload . STORE CARDS keeps all the cashback by the merchant where you made a payment , can only be used with the same merchant .

TOP UP (Top Right) with a reliable mobile wallet solution on a secure technology platform . You will always get the 10% cashback whenever you pay with the cash that you have topped-up , Cash is money that you top up . StoreValue and Kiplekash are earned everytime you make a payment . RM100 spending with 10% earns you 5% in StoreValue and 5% in Kiplekash .

What is Kiple?

We like the two base words of keep + ripple. We like that it looks pleasing to the eye how the letters go together . We came up with SO many possible names, but this here won by popular vote with Kiplers (the Kiplesquad) . Kiple makes the most of your income with solid rebates and deals that you care about . We innovate to improve your end-to-end shop , dine and pay experience . We promise to listen and learn to fulfil your lifestyle and financial needs with future app updates . We're super determined and will work very hard to be of great service to you .

Who is Kiple?

Registered as Kiple Sdn Bhd, we are not exactly a start-up as we are wholly-owned by Packet Interactive Sdn Bhd, a company of international ICT group and Main Market-listed Green Packet Berhad. Green Packet has been around for 16 years, and was founded in the year 2000 in Cupertino, USA .

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